Make your own biodegradable plant pots!

Nothing tastes better than freshly-picked herbs and vegetables, and this homemade plant pot craft makes it easy to grow your own! Because the pots are made of paper, you can plant them in the garden and the pots will biodegrade over time. Or just plant them in a window box where they’ll get plenty of sun!

Starting with a couple of large sheets of newspaper folded in half, follow the simple instructions below (we’ve shown you how to do it using just one sheet of paper, coloured on one side, to make the steps easier to follow).

      1. Lay your sheets of paper flat on the table, and fold in half from bottom to top.

      2. Fold in half again from left to right.

      3. Lift the side you’ve just folded so it stands upright...

      ... then squash the bottom edge up while spreading the sides like this...

      4. ... so that it lies flat. Fold a single layer over to the left.

      5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the right hand side.

      6. Fold the top flap on the left to the centre...

      7. ... and then fold to the centre again.

      8. Repeat steps 6-7 on the right hand side, then turn the paper over and repeat on both sides.

      9. Fold the top flap down. Repeat behind. (The size of the flap will depend
       on the shape of the paper you used.)

      10. Open up the plant pot, pulling apart the flaps at the top, and squashing up the bottom.

Your finished pot should look like this!

You can also watch this video that shows you how to make the plant pots.

Once you’ve made your plant pots, get some ideas about what to plant from this Pocket Money guide to growing your own food.

And if you’ve got a taste for gardening, ask your teacher to sign up for Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project. If your school is selected to join the programme, you’ll get help to set up a vegetable garden at school, where you can learn about how the food you eat gets from the ground to your plate.